How to Set Up the Swing Set of Your Dreams

How to Set Up the Swing Set of Your Dreams

Posted by Rosie Blank on Apr 5th 2019

When I was a kid, the swing set was the “funnest” spot in the playground. There seemed to be something magical in the art of pumping your legs in sync and experiencing the thrill of flying in the air. The swing set in our neighborhood park was always occupied, it seemed. Only on rare occasions was a kid lucky enough to grab a hold of the coveted tire swing.

Swinging really is quite magical! It improves mood and helps you relax. Have you ever seen anyone swinging unhappily?

Treating your kids (and yourself) to a backyard swing set is easier than you think. With minimal setup, you can enjoy the thrill and magic of swinging to your hearts content! Here’s how to hang a swing:

Choose a swing

Or hang a few to create a full-fledged swing station.

Decide where to hang your swing

Hang your swing on your porch ceiling for close to home comfort, or on a tree for the traditional magical escape.

Hanging a swing from a tree is easy.

Thanks to PLAYBERG’s Tree Swing Hanging System, you don’t have to worry about ruining your backyard oak with 

drilling holes or fret about the safety of your swing. Simply fold the heavy-duty straps over a sturdy limb, then clip the metal carabiners onto the swing chain.

To hang a swing from a porch ceiling,

You must first determine the right location. You must install your swing into a beam that’s sturdy enough to hold at least 500 lbs. Mark the approximate width of the swing and screw an eye bolt into either side. The swing hooks or carabiners provided with your swing goes in next, and the swing is ready to be hung.

Let the fun begin!

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