Indoor and Outdoor Folding Portable Toilet for Camping and Hiking with Cover Seat

  • Size: 16.25" W x 22" D x 35.25" H
  • Stores and folds easily, Use for medical needs
  • Comfortable sitting position with seat cover
  • Removable cover seals in odor
  • Use with 3-gallon toilet waste bags for easy cleanup and no mess

This Portable Toilet makes camping, hiking, or backpacking more convenient. Just like a regular home toilet seat, this toilet is designed to provide a sturdy and easy to clean toilet for use in the outdoors, camping, or boating. Comfortable seat, armrest, and backrest, this makes outdoor activities more practical. Comfortable seat cover allows you to use this toilet seat as a chair too. For medical proposes, this toilet seat is designed for indoor use as well. This portable folding toilet seat enables you to bring a bathroom with you wherever the road takes you.